How to Write a Captivating Title for Your Law Firm’s Press Release

Professional Woman Reading Law Firm's Press Release

When it comes to getting your law firm’s news read and shared, you need two things. A catchy press release title and the best press release distribution service for lawyers. Law Firm Newswire has you covered on the distribution but you will need to give us that catchy title. It is your first (and often only) opportunity to draw in readers so how can you ensure your headline is a powerful, click-worthy one? Here are some actionable tips, each backed by credible sources.

1. Keep Your Title Concise and Clear

According to the Public Relations Society of America, press release titles work best when they’re under 55 characters. This is because Google News will only display the first 63 characters. Make sure your title clearly communicates the essence of your press release without unnecessary jargon.

2. Utilize Action Verbs

Action verbs inject energy into your headlines and hint at the dynamic content that lies beneath. Rather than saying “Law Firm Has Achieved Settlement,” go for “Law Firm Secures Multimillion-Dollar Settlement.”

3. Include Numbers or Data

Numbers or data in the headline provide concrete evidence of your achievements and foster trust. A headline like “Law Firm Wins 90% of Personal Injury Cases” demonstrates your firm’s competency in a compelling, quantifiable way.

4. Use Trending Keywords

Incorporate trending keywords relevant to your news. It helps your press release appear in relevant search engine queries and attracts the attention of those interested in your area of expertise. But make sure you focus on relevance first. Adding keywords for the sake of keywords is just spam and your press release will underperform in search if Google feels like the keywords are not an honest representation of what your news release is actually about.

5. Appeal to Human Emotion

A study by CoSchedule, the creators of the Headline Analyzer, found that headlines with a strong emotional element had double the engagement. Words like “justice,” “rights,” “protection,” and “peace of mind” resonate deeply with readers, sparking interest and empathy.

Creating an effective press release title is a blend of science, art, and understanding your audience. Be clear, be concise, be actionable, and don’t be afraid to pull at the heartstrings.