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| December 29, 2021

To Connect With Clients, Leave No Good Deed Unmentioned

As the Christmas season comes to a close, it is time to reflect on everything your law firm tackled this year. No doubt every day was busy, filled with trials, depositions and office maintenance; new briefs drafted, new clients met…

Group of volunteers picking cleaning up a river bank

| November 17, 2021

Make Your News About the Readers

Your law firm wants to ensure that its marketing dollars are spent reaching as many people as possible. A lot of money goes into relevant, quality links and intelligent search engine optimization (SEO). Every person who reads an article on…

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| March 18, 2021

Using News Releases to Improve Your Social Following

Online press releases give you the power to place your law firm’s name on hundreds of news sites and on thousands of blogs, speaking directly to your target audience. But the goal of news releases isn’t always about short-term lead…

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