Learn: Agencies


Agency accounts are verified users that post press releases for their clients. With an approved Law Firm Newswire agency account, the press releases published for your clients are co-branded with your agency’s logo. Plus, your agency gets preferred pricing on distribution fees.

What features are included in an Agency account?

  • Discounts on all press releases that are distributed through your account.
  • Co-branded press release pages.
  • Co-branded reports (coming soon.)
  • A newsroom to showcase all of your clients’ press releases.
  • Priority support.

What features are not included in an Agency account?

  • 🅧 CaseWire Announcements are not permitted in Agency accounts.

How to get an agency account.

Apply at https://lawfirmnewswire.com/agencies/.

Setting up an Agency Newsroom and Adding Your Logo

Follow the Create a Newsroom and Customize Newsroom guides to setup your agency’s newsroom. The logo you connect to your newsroom will appear on all of your clients’ press releases like the example below.

Agency Dashboard

After your agency is approved, you will see the Agency Pricing Activated badge at the top of your dashboard. To submit a press release with your agency pricing, go to Press Releases > Submit Press Release and follow the steps as outlined in this guide.

As an agency, you can add your own representatives as a media contact or replace your information with your clients on a case by case basis.

Applying Your Agency Discount

When submitting a press release as an agency, your unique agency’s coupon code will appear toward the top of the page. On the checkout page, add the unique code to the Coupon field and click Apply.

Your discount has been applied and you can complete the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my client has their own Law Firm Newswire account?

Your client can give you access to their Law Firm Newswire account and one of our support reps can authorize their account to use your agency coupon code. Your client will have access to their invoice history and will see the discount applied to purchases. However, your billing information will not be visible to them.

If managing my client’s standalone account, can I submit CaseWire announcements?

Yes! You can submit CaseWire announcements as an authorized user on your client’s account. However, your agency discount will not apply to CaseWire submissions.

What if my client wants to move their old press releases out of my agency account and into their own account?

After setting up an account, a Law Firm Newswire team member can migrate their old press releases into their new account. Invoices and reports are not moved from your account during this process.

Does my agency coupon code expire?

Your unique coupon code will dynamically change. The code appearing at the top of the press release submission page in your agency dashboard will always be your current, valid code.