Learn: Submit a Press Release

Submit a Press Release

This guide will help you submit your content on Law Firm Newswires network.

To submit a press release, login to your dashboard and go to Press Releases > Submit Press Release.

Select a Distribution Plan

Choose the distribution plan you would like to use for your press release and then click Continue. You can review the distribution options here or by clicking on the 💡 Plan Comparison link on the same page.


Many news outlets require a location in each press release’s header. This does not have to be your office address. For example, if your office headquarters are in San Diego, CA but your press release is about an event you’re sponsoring in Los Angeles, CA then the Release Location would be “Los Angeles, CA.”

Release Date & Date

Your release date is when you would like your press release to go live.

Same day: If you select the same day you’re submitting the release (today) then our editors will make it live as soon as they review and approve it. This does not guarantee same-day distribution. Choosing today’s date is essentially telling us to make it live as soon as possible.

Future: You can choose any date up to 30 days from today.

Time: You can select a time that you want the press release to go live. This time will be based on the timezone that you select in the city field.


Your title should include your law firm’s name and what the press release is about. If you’re commenting on a potential law or other related matter, your title should still use your law firm’s name. For example, “Proposed Changes to ABLE Accounts Concerns Special Needs Advocates of Smith & Smith Law Group” or “Smith & Smith Law Group Applauds Proposed Bill in Congress to Help Veterans.”


Summaries are introductions to what you’re going to cover in your press release. On Law Firm Newswire, the summary appears above any images that may be included. In Google News and other apps, the summary will likely appear under your title. Below is an example of how your summary will display on Law Firm Newswire.

Summary display on Law Firm Newswire

Press Release Body

The press release box is where you will tell your story. We have a minimum word requirement of 200 words and a maximum length of 1,500 words. The press release field supports basic formatting like bold, italics, text alignment, links, and bullet points. It also supports conveniences like “undo” and “redo.”

Links: Each distribution plan allows 3-5 links within the body of your press release. To add a link, highlight the phrase you want to link to a URL. Then click on the “Insert/edit link” icon (🔗.)

Paste your URL and then click on the Apply arrow to save your entry.

Example of adding link to Law Firm Newswire

You can edit or remove a link by clicking on it and selecting the Edit or Remove icon.

editing a press release link

Firm / Business Bio

The firm / business bio will, by default, autofill with the bio you created in your newsroom. However, you can remove it and add a custom bio for each release. Links are supported in the firm bio as well as basic formatting similar to the press release body.

Media Contact and Optional Fields

Everything in the media contact section will be distributed with your press release. This includes the address, website, media contact name, phone number, and email.

optional contact information

Does your press release contain information about an active lawsuit?

This is required to comply with the publishing agreements that we have within our network. If the press release is not about a lawsuit, you can check No and click Continue.

If you just filed a lawsuit, we recommend using CaseWire instead of a press release distribution. If you are providing an update on an existing lawsuit the press release distribution is the best solution and you will need to check Yes.

After checking Yes you will need to provide the Name of Case, Jurisdiction, and Case Number which will be included with your press release. Once you add that information, click Continue.

Case details

Add LFN Direct (optional)

LFN direct

If you add LFN Direct, we’ll send your press release directly to the newsdesk at Bloomberg Law, NPR, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. It’s the best way to avoid the spam filter and get your announcement in the world’s most influential newsrooms. The $100 fee for LFN Direct will be added to your distribution fee.

NOTE: If you are distributing a press release under the Primetime plan, LFN Direct is included and you will see this message “LFN Direct is included in your Primetime Distribution Plan at no extra charge.” Click next to continue. Click Next to proceed to the next screen.

Add Image

You can add an image at no extra charge. Just drag the image you want to use into the uploader or click on Select Files. We support jpg, jpeg, and png. The maximum upload size is a generous 15 MB. At this time, we only support one image.

uploading image with select files button

After the image uploads, we recommend a 16:9 ratio which is approximately 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you’re uploading a vertically aligned portrait, our image optimizer will help you crop it. Simply drag the view window to the part of the image that you want to be featured and then click Crop.

Image editor and crop feature

After cropping the image, you will see a cropped preview and a message saying, “Maximum number of files reached.” We will support multiple images in the future but for now, you are limited to just one image.

After uploading an image

Below is an example of how your image will appear on Law Firm Newswire and our distribution network.

On Law Firm Newswire:

Press release example on Law Firm Newswire

On Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Press release example on Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Add Video

You can add a video to your press release at no extra charge. In the Add a Video field, select where your video is hosted. We currently support YouTube and Vimeo URLs.

Paste the URL of your video in the provided field and then click Continue.

Your video will appear in your press release below your featured image (if provided) or below your title if no image is uploaded. Below is an example of how it will appear on Law Firm Newswire.

Example of video on Law Firm Newswire

Note: Not all distribution sources support videos. If a source does not support video publishing, they will often include a link to your video instead of embedding it.

Select Categories

Choose up to 5 categories that relate to your press release. Aside from sites in our listed network, Law Firm Newswire has unofficial distribution partners who share content with their audiences but only for certain practice areas. By choosing relevant categories, you can expand the reach of your news release.

Click on Preview after you’ve selected your categories.

Select categories


Press Release Preview

The press release preview will give you an opportunity to check your content for errors and make sure it says exactly what you want the public to see.

Images and videos are not available in the preview. However, once the press release is scheduled, you will be able to preview your press release in its entirety and our support team can assist with any changes.

After you preview your press release, click on Payment.


The payment screen will show your total amount to be charged. This will include any addons (like LFN Direct) that you selected. If you change your mind about an addon, you can use the Previous button to go back to that section and remove it.

Coupons: If you received a promotional coupon, paste your unique coupon code into the Coupon field and select Apply. The total will recalculate. If using a coupon, ensure that the total is correct and that your coupon is listed with the discount amount. For demonstration purposes, we’ve used a discount code that saved us 99%. The amount before the code was $475; after the discount, it’s $4.75.

Calculate Total After Coupon

Submit your payment using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card then click Submit for Approval.

After your payment is successfully processed, you will see a confirmation with your transaction details.

Transaction details

You’ve submitted a press release! Our editors will now review and schedule it for distribution. You will receive email notifications as your press release is approved and published.

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