Learn: Press Release Reports

Press Release Reports

You will receive an email with a link to your report. Depending on the size of your distribution, it may take 2-4 days to generate a report.

Report notification email

Accessing Reports in the Dashboard

Your reports are always stored in the dashboard. To access them, go to Press Releases, then Reports. You will see a list of available reports for both press releases and CaseWire announcements on the same screen.

Getting to reports from the dashboard.

Reading the Report

The report page will give you access to the networks that picked up your press release. In most cases, there will be a link directly to your news release. With some of our distribution options having close to 500 websites, these reports can get pretty long. The shortcut menu at the top will let you navigate to different types of news outlets where you can see your press release published.

In the example below, you can see what would happen if you selected Radio & TV from the shortcut menu:

Example radio and TV

That is a very limited example. On an actual press release, you will see hundreds of rows with links to your news.

Podcast Links

All of Law Firm Newswire’s distribution plans include featuring your news as a podcast episode on all of the major podcasting platforms. You can navigate to the Podcast section of your report and select any of our channels.

If the press release is brand new, you will see your episode listed toward the top of the episode guide. You can select your episode and listen to it on your preferred platform.

Listening to Law Firm Newswire Podcast

Expired Links

While many of Law Firm Newswire’s distribution outlets will keep your news on their site, some may only host news-related content for a limited time. This is especially common among our TV and radio publishers. If you’re reviewing a report that is several months old, you may find links that have expired. Nothing is wrong with the report; it’s just a normal part of the news business.

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