Learn: Submitting CaseWire Announcements

Submitting CaseWire Announcements

CaseWire is the best way to promote your newly filed lawsuit. The CaseWire network is curated specifically for these types of announcements and it includes LFN Direct, which will send your lawsuit announcement directly to the newsrooms of the world’s most influential media outlets.

Know the Rules

Since CaseWire Announcements involve newly filed, active litigation, we have some rules that are different from standard press releases. Please read the CaseWire Editorial Guidelines before proceeding.

Sending Your CaseWire Lawsuit

In your dashboard, go to CaseWire > Submit Lawsuit.

Submit Lawsuit

Agree to Terms

You must agree to the terms before proceeding. After you agree, a Continue button will appear for you to proceed to the next step.

Lawsuit Headline

Your lawsuit headline is the equivalent of a press release title. It should include your law firm’s name and the plaintiff’s name.

Example: “Smith & Smith Law Group Files Lawsuit Against ACME, Inc.”

For this tutorial, we’re going to use a fictional lawsuit titled LAW FIRM NEWSWIRE v. BORING PRESS RELEASES. Therefore our title will be “Fictional Law Group Files Lawsuit Against Boring Press Releases.”

Describe Your Lawsuit

CaseWire announcements have a 500-word limit. The summary of the lawsuit should be brief. Any declarative statements made in the lawsuit description should cite the complaint. For example, a lawsuit against ACME Inc. for causing injuries to coyotes should say, “Plaintiff’s lawsuit alleges that ACME, Inc.’s products had serious malfunctions causing them to explode resulting in serious injuries to Coyote while failing to capture a road runner, as advertised.”

In most cases, the summary or introduction from your lawsuit will work for the description. You can also add quotes and comments from your law firm.

Example CaseWire distribution

Adding Links

You can add up to 5 relevant links to your CaseWire announcement. To add a link, highlight the phrase you want to link to a URL. Then click on the “Insert/edit link” icon.

Insert/Edit Link

After adding the URL, click on the Apply icon.

Apply link

You can return to any link to edit or remove a link by clicking on it and selecting the Edit or Remove icon.

Edit or Remove Link

Firm Bio

The firm bio will, by default, autofill with the bio you created in your newsroom. However, you can customize it for each CaseWire announcement. Links are supported in the firm bio as well as basic formatting similar to the CaseWire lawsuit description.

IMPORTANT: Agencies may not submit CaseWire Announcements under their agency account. Lawsuits may only be sent under an account maintained by the law firm filing the lawsuit.

Click Continue to proceed to the next section.

Jurisdiction and Case Number

On this screen, you will include the court where your case is filed, the name of the lawsuit, and the case number.

Case information

Uploading the Lawsuit

A filed copy of the lawsuit will be distributed with your CaseWire announcement. Click on Select Files, then select your lawsuit PDF from your device. The PDF must be a filed copy containing the case number issued by the jurisdiction where the case was filed.

Upload lawsuit

Media Contact

Everything in the media contact section will be distributed with your press release. This includes the address, website, media contact name, phone number, and email. The website URL is optional by highly recommended. After adding your media contact, select Preview to review your announcement.

CaseWire media contact fields

Preview CaseWire Announcement

Review your announcement and make sure there are no typos and that all links are valid and working. You will not be able to see the PDF in the preview. However, if you want to double-check your submission and make sure your PDF is included, you can use the Previous buttons to return to the Case information section.

After reviewing your announcement, select Payment.

Preview CaseWire


The payment screen will show the total amount to be charged.

Coupons: If you received a promotional coupon, paste your unique coupon code into the Coupon field and select Apply. The total will recalculate. If using a coupon, ensure that the total is correct and that your coupon is listed with the discount amount. For demonstration purposes, we’ve used a discount code that saved us 99%. The amount before the code was $195. After the discount it’s $1.95.

Payment screen

Submit your payment using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card then click Submit for Approval.

After your payment is successfully processed, you will see a confirmation with your transaction details.

You’ve submitted a CaseWire Lawsuit! Our editors will now review and schedule it for distribution. You will receive email notifications as your press release is approved and published.


After the CaseWire is published, it will look something like the example below. The PDF will be embedded and available for download.

Casewire published example

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