Learn: Editing & Customizing Your Newsroom

Editing & Customizing Your Newsroom

The Newsroom Editor

To access the newsroom editor, you can use the Manage Newsroom link in the dashboard menu or the Edit Newsroom shortcut at the top of the page.

Adding Your Logo

We highly recommend adding your law firm or business logo. This logo will not only be used on your Newsroom page but will also enhance your individual press release pages.

Click on Update Logo

Select Update Logo.

Choose a wide version of your logo and upload it. We recommend a 16:9 ratio.

Edit Logo

Edit Logo

After you upload the logo, you can click on the Edit Icon to make the logo a perfect fit.

Edit Logo

After adjusting your logo, click on Done at the top right corner and then Update in the logo upload box.

Profile with Logo

You should now see your logo next to your law firm or business name.

Business Contact Information

Your firm information will be included in your future press releases and CaseWire announcements. Of course you will have an opportunity to edit those entries when posting a release so these fields can be customized on a release-by-release basis, but if no edits or adjustments are made, we will default to your newsroom information.

Email: The email address in the newsroom is NOT your account email. This is an email that is a general inbox for your firm. This email address is NOT published on the newsroom. However, you will have the option to include it in future press releases. This is helpful if your firm has a dedicated public email for media contacts like “press@example.com.”

Primary Business Address: This is your firm’s headquarters. We currently only support one address but you can change the address in individual press releases.

Phone: The phone number should be either your main phone number or the number for your media contact.

Website: We recommend linking to your home page. You can link to additional pages like attorney bios and practice area pages in the bio.

Blog RSS Feed

We want your newsroom to include all updates about your firm. We know some updates will be published on your blog and may not be submitted through Law Firm Newswire. That’s why we give you the option to add your blog’s RSS feed.

Most modern websites have an RSS feed. Usually, this is something like https://example.com/blog/feed/ or https://example.com/feed/.

On your newsroom, the most recent blogs will appear under your press release and logo, like the example below.

Law Firm Bio

Your law firm’s bio is basically your elevator pitch. Traditionally, in press releases, the bio has been called the boilerplate. It’s the basic information about who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you.

The law firm bio in your newsroom will become your default option when posting press releases. However, you will be able to customize it or change it for each press release.

You can include links in your bio and have a 150 word limit.

Here’s an example of how your bio and contact information will look at the bottom of a press release:

Here’s an example of how your bio and contact information will look on your newsroom page.

Bio example on newsroom page

Social Media Profile Links

You should add links to all of your active social media profiles. We currently support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Avvo. The links to your social media profiles will be featured at the top of your newsroom page, like the example below.

Law Firm Newswire Newsroom Example

Now that your newsroom is complete, you can always return to the newsroom editor to make changes and keep it updated.

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